International Campuses

There are numerous SCA Campuses around the world with more being added every year.  To view upcoming class opportunities please visit the website of each Campus or call the Campus directly.

Campus Address Website
P.R.O.Coffee Wuhan City, CN
Parque Tecnologico TECNICAFE Cauca, CO
Ping Huang Tainan City, TW
Probador Colectiva Istanbul, TR
R&J Specialty Coffee School Zhuhai City, CN
Remapresso Coffee School Yangsan-si, KR
roestbar Kaffeeschule Münster Münster, DE
Savassi Certificacao & Agronegocio Patrocinio, BR
SCA Premier Training Campus the Netherlands Enkhuizen, Noord-Holland, NL
Set Young Espresso Corporation - Campus Taipei City, TW