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Brewing and Barista Skills Foundations | True Stone Coffee Roasters | St Paul, MN | July 13-14, 2018

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This course is part of the SCA Coffee Skills Program and covers both Foundation level Barista Skills and Brewing, and is ideally suited for people newer to the coffee industry, who have a focus towards the retail or service end of the coffee chain.

Over 2 intensive days, we will cover core skills in: Brewing – Designed to introduce the new student to core coffee brewing skills and equipment. Successful candidates will be able to grind and brew to the correct recipe to produce great coffee. Barista – Designed to introduce the new student to core espresso preparation skills and equipment. Successful candidates should be able to calibrate their grinders and make an espresso and cappuccino to core standards.

The 2 day course includes 8-10 hrs of hands-on coursework, and 6-8 hours of written and practical exams.

Hosted By:      True Stone Coffee Roasters

Location:        St Paul, MN

Date & Time:   July 13-14, 2018; see registration link for specific times

Instructor:   Tyler Liedman

Tuition and Registration: CLICK HERE to visit the host's website for complete information on pricing and registration.

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