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**CANCELLED** Golden Cup Technician (Brewing & Grinding) | Texas Coffee Traders | Austin, Texas | August 15-16, 2017

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A Certified Golden Cup Technician (GCT) is a coffee professional representing not only his/her own company in the field, but also representing the SCA. A Certified GCT should be prepared to conduct a Golden Cup analysis upon request. A GCT may be called upon to analyze the brews at locations of his/her own company, wholesale customers, or customers of a competing vendor. In all cases, any disclosure of conflict of interest is important. Overall, GCTs should act in a professional manner and strive to use good judgment, representing his/her company, the Golden Cup program, and SCA with excellence. 

Hosted By:      Texas Coffee Traders  
Location:          Austin, Texas
Date & Time:    August 15-16, 2017; see registration link for specific times

Instructor Lorenzo Perkins

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