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Foundations + Coffee Taster Level 1 (New!)| Tulsa, OK | Topeca Instruments Division | March 21-24, 2017

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This four-day workshop for the Coffee Taster Certificate Program provides comprehensive education and training that encapsulates the entire scope of sensory analysis including green coffee, production roast tasting and espresso tasting. 

Hosted By:  Topeca Coffee Instrument Division 
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date & Time:  March 21-24, 2017; See registration link for specific times.

Instructor Ian Picco

Ian started his journey in coffee as a barista in 2004. He's been with Topeca Coffee Roasters in Tulsa, OK since 2009. Because of Topeca's Seed-to-Cup business model, Ian has had the unique opportunity to be involved in many areas of the supply chain. Ian has been an active member of the Roaster's Guild since 2009, and has been teaching and volunteering for the SCAA since 2012. Ian is a licensed Q Grader, SCAA Specialized Instructor, and is current Chair of the Coffee Taster Pathway committee.

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Educational credits to be awarded upon completion of coursework and passing of appropriate tests. 

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