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Barista and Roaster Mini-Camp | About the Coffee/Workbench | Kansas City, MO | October 16-22, 2017

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Now is the perfect time to finish those last SCAA Pathway certificate requirements.  Students who are in progress toward a Certificate (for example, Coffee Taster Level 2) must complete the certificate by the end of 2017. Completion of partial pathways or individual classes will not be tracked after December 31, 2017.

Because of this, we are working with Workbench Coffee Labs, in Kansas City, to hold a week-long education event to give you ample opportunity to finish all coursework for the following pathways:
Foundations of Coffee
Roaster Level 1
Roaster Level 2
Barista Level 1 (includes Practical)
Barista Level 2 (includes Practical)
Coffee Taster Level 1
Coffee Buyer Level 1

Hosted By:       About the Coffee/Workbench 

Location:          Kansas City, MO 

Date & Time:    October 16-22, 2017; see registration link below for details

Instructors Mike Ebert, Allen Liebowitz, Sandy Hon

Tuition and Registration: CLICK HERE to visit the host's website for complete information on pricing and registration.

  • Please also create a profile on so your class credits and exam scores can be recorded by SCA and applied to SCA certificate programs. You can create a profile HERE

Educational credits to be awarded upon completion of coursework and passing of appropriate tests. 

For more information, please contact the host directly:

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