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Introduction to Coffee + Roasting Foundation + Roasting Intermediate | San Rafael, CA| Boot Coffee | July 16-20, 2018

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Master and refine your roasting techniques, learn about the essence of quality, improve your tasting skills, and earn certification from the SCA! Interested in roasting? Starting or expanding a roasting operation or seeking employment as a roast master? This course is specifically designed for coffee enthusiasts and professionals who seek expert training from renowned industry specialists.

Roasting Foundations gives a basic understanding of the roasting process, including the roast cycle and how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark.Roasting Intermediate  takes your coffee skills to the next level. We immerse you in a series of hands-on training exercises. Among others, this is what you’ll learn roast defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, roast profiles, as well as workspace management and lean production. On the final day you will take the SCA Intermediate Roasting exam.

Bundle Sign up for the intensive 3-day ROASTER INTERMEDIATE, the 1-day ROASTING FOUNDATIONS, and 1-day INTRODUCTION to COFFEE and experience an intensive week of coffee training and save $ over purchasing each level independently.

HOSTED BY:   Boot Coffee
LOCATION: 619 Lindaro St. San Rafael, CA
DATE:  July 16-20, 2018 INSTRUCTOR:         Marcus Young

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