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Foundation Courses in Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting | Topeca Instruments Division| Tulsa, OK | September 19-22, 2017

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This course for beginners covers Foundation level Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting. It is ideally suited for people new to the coffee industry, who have a focus towards the coffee roasting business.

Over 4 days we will cover core skills and knowledge in:
Green Coffee: Designed to cover key concepts surrounding green coffee from growing the plant, through processing, shipping and storage to arrival at a roastery. It includes an introduction to the basics of quality checks, coffee grading, and taste/flavor differences due to processing or species.

Sensory Skills: Designed to expose and sensitize a student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee. Enabling the student to recognize the core concepts of sensory analysis, and explain why and how coffee professionals use it in the coffee industry. Broad focus will be put on identifying, describing, and discriminating aroma, taste and body in coffees objectively. Students will be introduced to the SCA cupping protocol and methodology and reflect on the qualitative dimension of this evaluation methodology.

Roasting: Designed to cover core concepts in specialty coffee roasting. Emphasis will be put on the key skills required for production coffee roasting, through an understanding of common terminology specific to roasting, breaking down the roaster into its basic mechanical components and practicing the requisite skills for safe and methodical operation. By the end of the course, a student should be confident in: operating a roaster safely, observing and recording relevant roast data during operation, being able to explain the basic physical changes that occur to the coffee during the roast process, and their basic impact on flavor in the cup. The 4-day course includes 18 hrs of hands-on coursework, and a 6-8 hr day of written and practical exams. No prerequisites are required for Foundation level courses.

Hosted By:  Topeca Coffee Instrument Division 
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date & Time:  September 19-22, 2017; see registration link for specific times.

Instructor Ian Picco

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