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Foundations + Roaster Level 1 | Apffels | Santa Fe Springs, CA | June 19-23 , 2017

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Foundations of Coffee serves as the introduction to all of the Pathways and builds a vocabulary, both spoken and sensed, that will serve each subsequent class in any chosen course of study. The Roaster Level 1 pathway establishes the roasting craft with coursework in coffee analysis and evaluation, green coffee processing and sample roasting and production management and safety.  The craft and the science of roasting are all laid out for students as they explore the nuances of machine operation, safety, maintenance, and the sensory applications required to carefully roast beautiful coffees. 

Hosted By:   USA - Apffels 

Location:  Santa Fe Springs, CA 

Date:     June 19-23, 2017

Instructor: Mike Ebert

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