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Roasting Intermediate | Markham, Ontario - Canada | Bicerin Coffee Lab | August 16-19, 2018

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A three days workshop, hosted by Bicerin Coffee Lab, offers the opportunity to take Roasting intermediate course under the new SCA curriculum. 

Students are tested in skills in understanding, designing and executing different roast profiles as well a sensory recognition of different roast defects. Students are introduced to different chemical conditions and principles that are causing the physical properties and reactions introduced at foundation level. It is expected that they are able to name these reactions and what they cause in terms of physical and sensory properties of the final coffee.

1: Control the heat source in a coffee roaster
2: Identify burned spots on coffee as marks of too aggressive contact heat transfer
3: Analyze a roast profile for the level of “convection” in different stages of the roast and be able to adjust this to design a roast profile
4: Visually and sensorial identify roast defects and know reasons
5: Ability to design and execute different roast profiles
6: Design flame control strategy around first crack to prepare the last part of the roast at first crack and until target color
7: Understand and explain ROR
8: Calculate density and use color measurement equipment 
9: Experiment with any type of roasters to achieve a desired result based on cupping
10: Workplace management
11: Plan fire prevention and extinguishing
12: Obtain appropriate tool and maintenance plan for keeping roaster working properly

Hosted By: Bicerin Coffee Lab
Location: Markham, Ontario Canada
Date: August 16-19, 2018; see registration site for specific times

Instructor:  Chunhui Zhang

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Education credits to be awarded upon completion of classwork and passing of appropriate tests. 

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