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SCAA Campus Inspector Credential Training & Testing Event | London, UK| May 10-11, 2016

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The growing reputation of the SCAA Campus program creates a need for a high quality network of campus inspectors who will expand the scope and distribution of the program. The SCAA has responded to this need by developing a new credential for those qualified individuals who can demonstrate mastery of the certified campus inspection requirements and rationale behind them. This new program consists of a training and testing by experts in the field, at which candidate lab inspectors must demonstrate skill competencies and follow up their training with an online written test and job-shadow field training.

The purpose of the SCAA Campus Inspector Credential is to build a network of qualified individuals worldwide who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and affective competencies necessary to inspect candidate SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratories. These individuals will be trained, empowered representatives of the SCAA and its mission to recognize, develop, and promote specialty coffee. The credential is valid for a five year term, after which updated written and performance tests must be passed by the inspector to retain a valid inspectors credential. To find out more information about this credential, campuses, and other SCAA Stewardship programs, see our website

Event Details:

This training will take place on May 10-11, 2016 at Square Mile Coffee in London, England

Time: On May 10: 8am – 5pm, on May 11: 8 am – 2pm 
Address is: 8 Pritchard's Rd, London E2 9AP, United Kingdom. 

Coffee and breakfast snacks, drinking water, and lunch will be provided.

Minimum Requirements for participating in the SCAA Lab Inspector Credential Training & Testing:
  • At least five years in the coffee industry
  • Q grader and/or Coffee Tasters Certificate complete through Module 2
  • Not affiliated with a currently or previously certified SCAA Teaching Laboratory

  • Program Requirements:
  • Complete the classroom based training
  • Pass the practical exam – topics covered by the tests can be viewed in the Handbook
  • Sign the SCAA Laboratory Inspector Code of Conduct
  • Obtain permanent equipment necessary for inspections- see Handbook for list
  • Complete one shadow inspection with a current SCAA lab inspector within one year after completing all other requirements
  • All certificate programs require the completion of a Code of Conduct. 

  • The Training & Testing:
    Training & testing will be administered by Emma Sage, Coffee Science Manager. The first day will consist of the training, which will be administered in the form of a class. This class will go over the program, its scope, competencies, practical applications, and questions. The second day will consist of the practical testing, where each student takes the practical exam. There is also an online exam required to compete this credential, which can be schedule online after the course is completed.

    • Member pricing
    • $220 for class and $95 for the practical test
    • Non-Member pricing: 
    • $320 for class, $125 for the practical test
    Email Emma Sage, SCAA Coffee Science Manager at

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