Golden Cup Technician

Golden Cup Technician Certificate (Brewing & Grinding)

A Certified Golden Cup Technician (GCT) is a coffee professional representing not only his/her own company in the field, but also representing the SCA. A Certified GCT should be prepared to conduct a Golden Cup analysis upon request. A GCT may be called upon to analyze the brews at locations of his/her own company, wholesale customers, or customers of a competing vendor. In all cases, any disclosure of conflict of interest is important. Overall, GCTs should act in a professional manner and strive to use good judgment, representing his/her company, the Golden Cup program, and SCA with excellence. Golden Cup Technicians must complete the Golden Cup Technician Code of Conduct to earn their certificate, as well as the following classes and exams:

  • Foundations of Coffee
  • Golden Cup Brewing (CP158)
  • Brewing Approaches and Variations (CP255)
  • Practical Exam (EXM_GP1) & Written Exam (EXM_GW1) | This exam credentials SCA Golden Cup Technicians. This is a two-part exam consisting of a written test and a practical evaluation. The 40 minute practical evaluation measures the skills of an SCA Golden Cup Technician in the following areas:
    • Performing a Golden Cup evaluation
    • Making adjustments
    • Reporting

To view upcoming opportunities to achieve the Golden Cup Technician credential, visit the Upcoming Classes page.

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