Campus Program Update

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes will be made to the SCA Campus Program in the unified program?

Moving forward, all SCA education may take place at either a Campus (now known as a Premier Training Campus) or at an Approved Training Venue. These venues will still need to meet the Core Minimum Requirements in terms of equipment, supplies, logistics etc. verified by the AST (instructor/trainer) delivering the course. Furthermore, only ASTs or Specialized Instructors may conduct SCA educational courses. The requirements for both the Premier Training Venue and Approved Training Venue are set forth below.

Where can I find the requirements for the Campuses and Venues?

These requirements are outlined in the documents below:

SCA Premier Training Campus Requirements

SCA Approved Training Venue Equipment Requirements

How much does it cost to become a Premier Training Campus?

The cost to be a Premier Training Campus is $1000 to enroll and $1500 for the inspection, or you can pay $2300 at enrollment and save $200.

Where can I find a listing of current courses taught at SCA Premier Training Campuses and Approved Training Venues?

For Pathways, classes can be found here. For Coffee Diploma System, please use the course finder here.


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