Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress Towards Certification

Education credits are tracked in a student’s SCAA online profile. If you already have an SCAA profile, please login here and click on ‘Professional Development’ to see all tracked education credits and earned Certificates. If you are a new member or have never created a profile at the SCAA website, please create a profile here. 

If you need assistance, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Enrolled in a Pathway Program?

Don’t leave your SCAA Certificate on the table! You’re earning it, be sure to activate it! If you haven’t already, take a moment to enroll in the program you are pursuing. You can do this by logging in to your SCAA online profile, finding the ‘Professional Development’ section and clicking ‘Enroll in a Certificate Program.’ It is that easy! You can also see the requirements for each certificate and your progress towards completion of the Pathway program in which you are enrolled.

All students beginning a certificate program or currently pursuing a certificate program must enroll. Upon the entry and verification of the certificate requirements on a student profile, you will be automatically be certified in our system with in 24 hours.

Missing Credits on your Profile?

Please login to your profile and complete the ‘Missing Credit Form’ found in the ‘Professional Development’ section.

Q Graders | If you are a licensed Q Grader and would like to receive SCAA credits based upon your Q Grader status please complete this form and submit the administrative processing fee of $95 (via the form). Status will be verified with the Coffee Quality Institute. Please allow 10 business days for processing. You will be notified by email when complete.

Fulfilled the Certificate Requirements?

Once you have completed the classes and passed the exams, you are all set! So long as you are enrolled in the program, our system will automatically certify you upon completion of the required classes and exams.

Students pursuing a certificate pathway under previous certificate requirements (prior to January 1, 2015), may complete the certificate according to the previous requirements. If you are such a student, and have completed your requirements or need assistance please contact

Need Your Certificate?

If your Professional Development profile states that you are now certified for a particular program, please click here to log in and download/print your SCAA Pathway program Certificate.